Real Estate Securities: December 2016
Global Real Estate Securities

Global real estate stocks had a modestly positive total return as a group for the year, although performance varied by region.

Preferred Securities: December 2016
Preferred Securities

Preferred securities delivered positive total returns in 2016 despite coming under pressure early in the year from widening credit spreads and late in the year from rising bonds yields.

Real Estate Securities: December 2016
U.S. Real Estate Securities

Real estate securities produced favorable returns in 2016, a year in which the asset class experienced several distinct phases.

Global Listed Infrastructure: December 2016
Global Listed Infrastructure

Global listed infrastructure produced a strong total return in 2016 and performed well compared with the broader global stock market.

Real Assets: December 2016
Real Assets

Real asset categories as a group delivered strong returns in 2016, outperforming broad global stock and bond markets.

Commodities : December 2016

Commodities had an overall positive return in 2016, with the Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return posting its first annual gain since 2010.

MLPs: December 2016

Midstream energy equities had strong gains in 2016, although the year was characterized by exceptionally high volatility.

Large Cap Value: December 2016
Large Cap Value

To say that 2016 was marked by unexpected twists and turns would be an understatement

Global Natural Resource Equities: December 2016
Global Natural Resource Equities

Natural resource equities had a strong year in 2016 and outperformed the broader stock market by a wide margin following weakness and underperformance the previous year.

Closed-End Funds: December 2016
Closed-End Funds

Equity and fixed income markets finished 2016 with positive total returns, overcoming energy-related turmoil early in the year and surging Treasury yields late in the year.


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