ESG’s evolving landscape

ESG’s evolving landscape

Raquel McLean, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities

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1 minute read

September 2020


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Building on COVID lessons in real assets and alternative Income Integration

The corporate sector’s response to the global health crisis shows a growing recognition of the effect ESG policies can have in driving sustainable growth and shareholder value.

We present a specialist’s perspective on how ESG analysis impacts our investment decisions across real estate, infrastructure, natural resource equities, preferred securities and commodities.

  • The COVID catalyst
    Many companies have expanded their focus to encompass all stakeholders in ways that we believe may have long-term reputational and financial benefits.
  • Integration and engagement
    Our four-step approach accounts for distinct ESG factors relevant to each sector, leveraging our resources and scale to unlock potential value and mitigate risks.
  • Evaluating managers on ESG
    As ESG integration can vary widely among managers, knowing common areas of focus may help investors distinguish different techniques and level of focus.
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Raquel McLean, CFA Vice President, is a portfolio manager for fixed income and preferred securities portfolios and has analyst coverage responsibilities for global insurance companies and Asian banks.


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