Essential assets: The case for listed infrastructure

Essential assets: The case for listed infrastructure

Benjamin Morton

Head of Global Infrastructure

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November 2021


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Investors’ search for diversification and inflation protection has put a spotlight on infrastructure, made brighter by massive public investment programs and the accelerating transition to a digitized, decarbonized economy.

  • A growing asset class with a compelling track record
    Infrastructure’s regulated, concession-based or contracted revenues and inflation sensitivities have historically resulted in competitive returns, low volatility and strong performance in periods of higher-than-expected inflation.
  • A diverse universe supported by structural growth trends
    Infrastructure companies are leading the charge in clean energy, supply chain modernization and the digital economy, creating potential long-term opportunities for growth.
  • A liquid complement to private assets
    A listed infrastructure allocation can provide access to diverse assets that may not be readily available through private investments, while also offering liquidity to aid in managing and rebalancing portfolios.
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Benjamin Morton, Executive Vice President, is Head of Global Infrastructure and a senior portfolio manager for Cohen & Steers’ infrastructure portfolios, including those focused on master limited partnerships.


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