Proprietary ESG scores and our approach to engagement


Raquel McLean, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities

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Thuy Quynh

Thuy Quynh Dang

Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure

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5 minute read

January 2021


Our analysts go beyond third-party scores, weighing individual factors against our proprietary scoring model. This hands-on approach extends to our engagement with firms, as Cohen & Steers does not rely on third-party proxy services. Members of our ESG Investment Committee share why they feel this differentiates us and how it gives us an advantage.

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Raquel McLean, CFA Vice President, is a portfolio manager for fixed income and preferred securities portfolios and has analyst coverage responsibilities for global insurance companies and Asian banks.

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Thuy Quynh Dang, Senior Vice President, is a portfolio manager on the Global Listed Infrastructure team and has analyst coverage responsibilities for Europe.


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