December 2016
Rising Rents Matter More to REITs Than Rising Rates

A quarter-point rate hike may get a lot of attention—but for REITs, it’s not the big story. The big stories are 81 months of job growth, a 9-year low in unemployment and the jolt to economic and inflation forecasts amid the prospect of tax cuts and fiscal spending.

November 2016
Resetting the REITs Cycle

We see a buying opportunity shaping up in U.S. REITs, as valuations have improved and Donald Trump’s election has primed the pump on growth and inflation expectations. 

October 2016
Rental Only or Broad Property Market

Real estate securities provide the ability to construct a broadly diversified, liquid real estate portfolio with relatively little capital. Investors can implement an allocation that accesses the broad real estate market, including both landlords and developers, or one that focuses on rental businesses. 

September 2016
GICS Goes to 11: A Look at REIT Allocations Post GICS Expansion

In the run-up to real estate’s premiere as the 11th GICS sector, REITs have seen increasing interest from new investors, including generalist fund managers who have long been underweight. As REITs potentially become a larger piece of equity funds, we consider the implications for asset allocations.

September 2016
The Case for Real Estate Securities

Real estate securities provide the benefits of investing in commercial property along with the features of publicly traded stocks. This combination results in a set of attributes that we believe make a compelling case for a strategic allocation to the asset class.

July 2016
Can the Bull Market in Global Real Estate Continue?

After a seven-year period of strong absolute and relative performance, we believe global real estate securities continue to offer attractive return potential, based on our favorable supply-demand outlook, continued access to capital and reasonable valuations. However, in a maturing cycle, we believe active stock selection is critical.

July 2016
3 Reasons U.K. REITs May Withstand the Brexit Fallout

With negative sentiment swirling around the U.K., is it time to be a buyer of Britain? We believe many U.K. REITs are well positioned to weather economic uncertainty, aided by stronger balance sheets, greater focus on core assets and an emphasis on cash flow growth over development.

May 2016
REIT Managers and the Active Advantage

Passive index funds may work well for certain investments, but REITs are one area where active managers have historically given investors an advantage. That advantage could add up to a sizeable difference over time, suggesting a place for both active and passive funds in a diversified portfolio.

January 2016
REITs and the Truth About Rising Rates

Still concerned about REIT performance amid rising interest rates? Just look at the facts: REITs have historically delivered strong returns when the Federal Reserve increases rates, as this typically happens when the economy is getting stronger.

December 2015
Incorporating ESG Factors Into REIT Investing

Asset managers have increasingly incorporated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into their company analysis. We would like to share our perspectives on these issues as a leading investor in listed real estate companies.

October 2015
REITs Are a Permanent Allocation

Are you a strategic or a tactical investor? If your goals are long term, we believe REITs should be part of your portfolio at all times, through all types of markets— providing valuable diversification and return potential driven by the distinctive characteristics of commercial real estate.

August 2014
Introduction to Real Estate Securities

Learn about this unique asset class, including what makes REITs different from other companies, how the global real estate market has evolved and why different types of commercial properties perform the way they do in various economic conditions.


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