Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc. Releases Statement on Southwest Gas Holdings

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022— Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc, an affiliate of
Cohen & Steers, Inc. (NYSE: CNS) released the following statement regarding
Southwest Gas Holdings (NYSE: SWX):

As an investor in Southwest Gas Holdings (“SWX”), we are aware that IEP Utility Holdings LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises Holdings L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, and Icahn Enterprises Holdings, along with other entities affiliated with Carl
C. Icahn (collectively, the “Icahn Group”) has notified SWX of its intent to nominate a slate of ten nominees for election to the SWX board of directors.

We intend to vote in favor of the Icahn Group’s director nominees at the upcoming annual meeting.

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April 11, 2022


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