Differentiated approach

Holistic universe includes sectors we believe are major beneficiaries and drivers of the shift to a cleaner environment


ESG risks and opportunities are integrated into the investment processes across the firm; we engage with company boards, management teams and industry organizations to promote ESG best practices

Real asset experts

Proprietary investment process that includes extensive research leveraging as above 55-member investment team that covers real estate, infrastructure, commodities and natural resource equities


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Unique universe

A broad and diverse universe with multiple avenues to find potential winners and deliver alpha

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Strong performance

Sustainable resource sectors have generated compelling historical returns

High conviction portfolio construction

Aims to capitalize on cyclical opportunities throughout the secular trend of sustainability, as well as mitigate portfolio risk via diversification through active management

We are in the early stages of a multi-decade opportunity within sustainable investing, in our opinion. In addition, we believe active management can leverage several trends in the marketplace such as a supportive macro backdrop, attractive fundamental dynamics and historically strong returns of sustainable investments relative to broad global equities. Companies focused on sustainability are supported by growing political support, increasing demand from consumers, accelerating technological innovation and growing investor focus.

There has been a shift in priorities for consumers, businesses and governments, with a growing focus on climate change and sustainability. There is a wide variety of listed companies that are positioned to benefit from growing attention to global climate change. A holistic approach to that asset class includes companies from three broad themes: clean energy generation and supply, resource efficiency and sustainable food, water and environmental protection.



Delivering value to our clients

Cohen & Steers has been offering new and creative real asset and income-oriented investment solutions for both institutional and retail investors for more than 35 years. Research and active portfolio management remain the cornerstones of our investment process, backed by our commitment to deliver superior performance and to provide each client with the highest levels of service.

Cohen & Steers is focused on developments in ESG investing, with ESG factors integrated into every investment strategy, partnerships with ESG research specialists and engagement with company boards, management teams and industry organizations to promote ESG best practices.

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An experienced team

Thuy Quynh
Thuy Quynh Dang

Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure

24 years of experience

Arun Sharma

Portfolio Manager, Thematic Strategies

22 years of experience

+2 analysts and associates

The Cohen & Steers Sustainable Resources strategy seeks to provide attractive total return, primarily through capital appreciation, by investing in companies we believe are best positioned to benefit from the global movement to address climate change and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

As the focus on global climate change grows, the macro backdrop is becoming increasingly supportive for sustainable investments.

With consumers more focused on reducing the impact of climate change, governments have adopted policies such as tax credits and subsidies that, along with technological innovation, are driving down the cost of sustainable solutions to competitive levels. That has led to greater investor focus, both through company engagement and disclosure, as well as increased investments into sustainable strategies.

• A majority of consumers are willing to change their purchase habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.
• Government stimulus is increasingly focused on sustainable solutions.
• Cost of renewable energy generation is on par with fossil fuel-based energy generation.
• Sustainably invested assets under management have grown significantly.

The strategy offers tailored exposure to sectors and companies we believe will be major beneficiaries of the shift to a cleaner environment.

We believe a holistic approach can help broaden thematic allocations to reflect the various subsectors and themes within the sustainable universe.

• A cleaner environment could be achieved through three key themes: clean energy generation and supply, resource efficiency and sustainable food, water and environmental protection.
• Excludes non-real asset industries that are not core to sustainability theme, such as software.
• Ability to pursue defensiveness or cyclicality, identify potential winners and losers along the value chain and favor geographies where regulatory support and economics are more attractive.
• Differentiated from other sustainable strategies that focus entirely on one sector or theme.


Our investment process

The investment process is designed to build a concentrated portfolio with diversification to various sustainable sectors. The team constantly integrates risk management practices throughout each step of the investment process.

Investment universe
The process begins by including a broad variety of sectors we believe are involved in the global movement to address climate change. That leads to a universe of sectors within themes such as clean energy generation and supply, resource efficiency and sustainable food, water and environmental protection.

Fundamental research
After universe creation, the team evaluates trends at the subsector level. They attempt to capitalize on global investment, product and economic cycles.

Active management
In the security selection and weighting process, relative value and relative growth assessments are made for stocks within the same sub-sector. Securities are weighted by the team’s conviction level, and the subsequent portfolio is intended to be high conviction.

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