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Insights by William Scapell, CFA

Preferred securities: Resetting for a new cycle

Preferred securities: Resetting for a new cycle

June 2023 | 25 mins

Recent bank turbulence and the end of the Fed’s rate-hiking cycle create what we believe may be an exceptional buying opportunity for preferreds.

Citywire Selector: Fed insider-turned-bond boss backs central banks to beat inflation

March 2023 | 1 min

Head of Fixed Income and Preferred Securities Bill Scapell spoke with Citywire Selector about Cohen & Steers’ preferred securities strategy and his fixed income outlook as central banks battle inflation.

Institutional Investor: How the end of rate hikes could set the stage for preferred securities

January 2023 | 1 min

Preferreds have delivered double-digit returns in six out of seven years following a negative total return, according to Cohen & Steers.