Investor Conference:
Change creates opportunity

Investor Conference:
Change creates opportunity


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Agenda | Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | NYSE

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8:30–9:30AM Registration and Breakfast
9:30–9:40AM Welcome
Dan Charles, Head of Global Distribution
9:40–10:00AM Change creates opportunity
Joe Harvey, Chief Executive Officer & President
10:00–10:40AM Real assets in the new regime
Jeff Palma, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions
Vince Childers, CFA, Head of Real Assets Multi Strategy
Brent MacLellan, CFA, Vice President of Portfolio Construction & Analysis, Canada Life
Moderator: Jon Cheigh, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Global Real Estate
10:40–11:00AM Break
11:00–11:40AM Preferred Securities: Resetting for a new cycle
William Scapell, CFA, Head of Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Elaine Zaharis-Nikas, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Jerry Dorost, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Moderator: Allie Quine, CFA, Portfolio Specialist
11:40AM–12:20PM AI’s impact on data centers
Andy Power, President and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Realty
Moderator: Harrison Klein, CFA, Senior Analyst, Real Estate
12:20–1:30PM Lunch
1:30–1:50PM The CRE market: What a long, strange cycle it’s been
Rich Hill, Head of Real Estate Strategy & Research
1:50–2:30PM Real Estate: Attractive entry points emerge amidst market dislocation
Jason Yablon, Head of US Listed Real Estate
Jim Corl, Head of Private Real Estate
Moderator: Ji Zhang, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Global Real Estate
2:30–2:55PM Built to last: Investing in global listed infrastructure
Ben Morton, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure
2:55–3:15PM Break
3:15–3:40PM Changing the narrative from “energy transition” to “energy addition”
Tyler Rosenlicht, Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure
3:40–4:25PM An uncharted and unprecedented election season: Impact on real assets
Dan Clifton, Partner and Head of Policy Research, Strategas Research Partners
4:25–4:30PM Closing
Dan Charles, Head of Global Distribution
4:30–6:00PM Cocktail Reception
NYSE—Ante Room

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Changing the imperative from ‘energy transition’ to ‘energy addition’
September 2023 | 28 mins
Aggregate energy demand will continue to increase in the coming decades, which is creating attractive investment opportunities across both the alternative energy landscape and the traditional energy value chain.
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Tyler Rosenlicht

The Real Estate Reel: Three data points actually driving real estate investing today
September 2023 | 4 mins
Welcome to The Real Estate Reel from Cohen & Steers where we provide three insights on real estate investing in three minutes each month.
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Rich Hill

Essential assets: The case for listed infrastructure
September 2023 | 27 mins
Investors’ search for diversification and inflation protection has put a spotlight on infrastructure, made brighter by massive public investment programs and the accelerating transition to a digitized, decarbonized economy.
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Benjamin Morton

The role of real assets in today’s investment landscape
July 2023 | 27 mins
The market is pricing a rapid return to low and stable inflation. Supply-side risks threaten those expectations and heighten the attractiveness of real assets.
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Vince Childers, CFA

Preferred securities: Resetting for a new cycle
June 2023 | 25 mins
Recent bank turbulence and the end of the Fed’s rate-hiking cycle create what we believe may be an exceptional buying opportunity for preferreds.
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William Scapell, CFA

As private real estate sells off, our conviction in REITs grows
June 2023 | 24 mins
Recent market events, including a downturn in private real estate, give us greater conviction in our analysis showing favorable entry points emerging for global listed REITs.
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Rich Hill

Private real estate entry points emerging amid selloff
June 2023 | 20 mins
A 12-year investment cycle fueled by historically low rates is coming to an end as private real estate reprices
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James Corl

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