We are focused investment-led experts, specializing in real assets and alternative income

We are focused investment-led experts, specializing in real assets and alternative income

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Our teams are relentless in their drive to provide superior investment solutions and passionate about constantly innovating to meet the needs of clients today and anticipate their challenges of tomorrow.


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We work together every day to help our clients achieve the financial security they need to fulfill their missions through the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, relentlessly focused on delivering superior investment results. We are industry pioneers who are passionate about constantly innovating to meet our clients’ needs today and anticipate their challenges tomorrow.



We pursue excellence in everything we do—investment results, client service, product development and strategy.
4 or 5 star Morningstar
88% of U.S. open-end fund AUM had 4 or 5 star Morningstar Overall Rating as of 9/30/20231
11.8% industry-leading organic growth in 2021


We innovate to meet our clients’ evolving needs and as markets continuously shift.
One of the first investment managers focused on listed REIT investing
First REIT open-ended fund, 1991
Recapitalized the REIT market during the global financial crisis
Introduced Private Real Estate Capabilities in 2021


Our clients rely on us as specialized experts to deliver superior investment results and focused education.
Recognized by CIO Magazine as Real Asset Manager of the Year in 2021
Achieved 11.8% industry-leading organic growth in 2021 fueled by strong performance in our asset classes


An inclusive environment enables us to recruit, retain and empower talented teams to drive results.
37% of global 2023 employees were women
32% of 2023 U.S. employees were people of color
42% of global 2023 hires were women
30% of 2023 U.S hires were were people of color
Partner with Girls Who Invest to help increase the number of women in portfolio management
Work with Dress for Success and the Susan J. Komen Foundation to empower women’s economic freedom and health
Active employee resource groups include the Diversity Alliance and Women’s Exchange



First real estate securities mutual fund

Marty Cohen and Bob Steers set out to help investors capitalize on the emerging opportunity they saw in public REITs - creating and managing the first mutual fund specializing in real estate securities.2

Founding of Cohen & Steers

Our founders, Marty Cohen and Bob Steers were convinced that listed real estate could open the market to investors, drive demand and make real estate a larger share of portfolios globally. They form the first investment manager dedicated to real estate securities: Cohen & Steers.

First closed-end real estate securities fund

The firm launches the first closed-end real estate securities fund.

Realty Shares fund

The firm launches our flagship open-end fund, one of the first mutual funds dedicated to investing in listed U.S. equity REITs

U.S. REIT Preferred Securities capabilities

The firm begins investing in U.S. REIT Preferred Securities to complement existing offering of REIT portfolios.

European Real Estate capabilities

The firm begins investing in listed European real estate, offering a dedicated European Real Estate Securities Strategy.

Leveraged closed-end real estate securities fund

The firm launches the first leveraged closed-end real estate securities fund.

Infrastructure strategy

The firm hires a leading team to invest in infrastructure and master limited partnerships (MLPs), including midstream energy, further diversifying our capabilities.

Corporate Preferred Securities capabilities

The firm diversifies into other income-oriented equity strategies offering portfolios with allocations to Corporate Preferred Securities.

New President and CIO

The firm names Joseph Harvey President and CIO.


Cohen & Steers Inc. becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker CNS.
Global expansion 2005

Hong Kong office

The firm opens an office in Hong Kong.
Global expansion 2006

London office

The firm opens an office in London and launches our fund line domiciled in Luxembourg.

Cohen & Steers leads an industry-wide recapitalizing of REITs

The firm leads an industry-wide initiative to recapitalize REITs in the wake of the global financial crisis. Cohen & Steers commits to being a cornerstone investor for those who agree to our plan.

Midstream Energy strategy

The firm offers a strategy focused exclusively on midstream energy and MLPs.
Global expansion 2011

Tokyo office

To support our existing sub-advisory relationships, the firm opens a Tokyo office.

Real Assets Multi-Strategy

The firm launches the Real Assets Multi-Strategy to give clients access to a portfolio of investments in listed real assets, including real estate securities, global listed infrastructure, commodities and natural resource equities.

Commodities and Natural Resource Equities strategies

The firm offers an active, long-biased approach to Commodities and expands into Natural Resource Equities strategies.

Marty Cohen becomes Chairman

Marty Cohen steps back from the day-to-day business of the firm, becoming Chairman of the Board.

Establish ESG Committee

The firm establishes a coordinated and cross-functional approach to addressing ESG initiatives across Investments, Product Strategy and Corporate Considerations.

Digital Transformation capability

The firm taps into emerging secular themes with the introduction of our Digital Infrastructure portfolio.

Jon Cheigh named CIO

With the firm since 2005 and the Head of Global Real Estate since 2012, Jon Cheigh becomes CIO.

Thematic strategies

The firm launches the REIT Completion Strategy, which invests in newer, emerging REIT sectors that are typically not included in core private real estate portfolios. The Next Generation REIT Strategy, which invests in REIT sectors that are positioned to benefit from secular growth, debuts.
Global expansion 2020

Dublin office

The firm opens our Dublin office to ensure uninterrupted service for European clients post-Brexit.

Private Real Estate Group

The firm forms a Private Real Estate Group, a team purpose-built for private real estate investing.

Joseph Harvey named CEO

Joseph Harvey succeeds company co-founder, Robert Steers, as Chief Executive Officer and maintains his role as President. Robert Steers becomes Executive Chairman.
Global expansion 2023

Singapore office

The firm grows global presence with opening of Singapore office.
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We pursue alpha, income and diversification

Assets Under Management


Listed Real Estate

Investing in a large universe broadly diversified by country and property sector.

Listed Infrastructure

Global Listed Infrastructure

Investing in owners and operators of infrastructure assets around the world.

Preferred Securities

Investing in preferred and debt securities diversified across issuers and sectors.

Real Assets

Real Assets

Investing in the structures and raw materials that facilitate economic growth.

Private Real Estate

Investing in small- and mid-cap opportunities with value-focused investment themes.

Natural Resource Equities

Investing in agribusiness, energy and metals & mining businesses.

Midstream Energy

Investing in a broad universe of companies that gather, process, store and transport energy commodities.


Investing in a well-diversified group of commodities including energy, grains and industrial metals.


We are passionate about constantly innovating to meet the needs of clients today and anticipate their challenges of tomorrow.

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We work closely with regional, national and global financial professionals, including financial advisors, registered investment advisors, bank trusts and OCIO providers, who offer guidance and advice to both plan sponsors and retail clients seeking to invest for their future.


Creating impact and making a real difference

Cohen & Steers is committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. It’s what our clients demand and what we expect of ourselves because improving the communities in which we live and work is important to us. Cohen & Steers is proud to be active in our communities through our partnerships and volunteer initiatives.