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Helping plan participants better achieve their goals with diversifying solutions focused on real estate, real assets and other inflation-sensitive strategies.

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Separately Managed Accounts

For a more personalized approach to investing, Cohen & Steers’ separately managed accounts (SMAs) allow for greater customization of portfolios and enhanced tax efficiency.

Unit Investment Trusts

A relatively fixed basket of securities that are professionally monitored and have a set termination date.

Plan asset diversification: Why real estate
September 2023 | 6 mins
Low correlations to stocks and bonds and other investment features can make REITs a prudent investment alternative for defined contribution plans.

The Real Estate Reel: Three data points actually driving real estate investing today
September 2023 | 4 mins
Welcome to The Real Estate Reel from Cohen & Steers where we provide three insights on real estate investing in three minutes each month.
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Rich Hill

Essential assets: The case for listed infrastructure
September 2023 | 27 mins
Investors’ search for diversification and inflation protection has put a spotlight on infrastructure, made brighter by massive public investment programs and the accelerating transition to a digitized, decarbonized economy.
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Benjamin Morton

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