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Helping plan participants better achieve their goals with diversifying solutions focused on real estate, real assets and other inflation-sensitive strategies.

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Separately Managed Accounts

For a more personalized approach to investing, Cohen & Steers’ separately managed accounts (SMAs) allow for greater customization of portfolios and enhanced tax efficiency.

Unit Investment Trusts

A relatively fixed basket of securities that are professionally monitored and have a set termination date.

Capital Market Assumptions: Expectations for the next 10 years amid a generational change for markets
June 2024 | 22 mins
We expect higher fixed income and real asset returns alongside lower U.S. equity returns for the next decade.
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Jeffrey Palma

REITs’ rare earnings multiple discount to stocks is historically compelling
June 2024 | 10 mins
U.S. equities have outperformed U.S. listed REITs substantially over the past few years. But history suggests that the resulting valuation gap between equities and REITs indicates a likely reversal.
The active advantage in listed REITs
May 2024 | 14 mins
The diversity and complexity of the real estate market give specialist active managers a wide field of opportunities to potentially enhance returns.
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Jason A. Yablon

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