Our people

Our people


Martin Cohen
Robert Steers Robert Steers
Executive Chairman

Achievements in 2023


of global 2023 employees were women


of U.S. employees were people of color


of global 2023 hires were women


of U.S 2023 hires were were people of color

Executive committee

Joseph Harvey Joseph Harvey
Chief Executive Officer & President
Brandon Brown Brandon Brown
Chief Human Resources Officer
Daniel Charles
Head of Global Distribution
Jon Cheigh
Chief Investment Officer
Adam Derechin, CFA
Chief Operating Officer
Francis Poli Francis Poli
General Counsel and Secretary
Raja Dakkuri Raja Dakkuri
Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Stadler, CPA
Executive Vice President

Our leading experts across geographies and markets

Senior investments personnel

Douglas Bond
Head of Closed-End Funds
Vince Childers, CFA
Head of Real Assets Multi-Strategy
James Corl James Corl
Head of Private Real Estate
Tony (Anthony) Corriggio Anthony Corriggio
Portfolio Manager, Private Real Estate
Thuy Quynh Thuy Quynh Dang
Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure
Christopher DeNunzio
Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure
Jerry Dorost, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Dane Garrood
Portfolio Manager, Asia Pacific Real Estate
Leonard Geiger headshot Leonard Geiger, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Europe Real Estate
Rich Hill Rich Hill
Head of Real Estate Strategy & Research
Khalid Husain
Head of ESG
Yigal D. Jhirad
Head of Risk and Quantitative & Derivatives Strategies
Robert Kastoff, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Mathew Kirschner, CFA
Portfolio Manager, U.S. Real Estate
Nick Koutsoftas
Portfolio Manager, Commodities
William Leung
Head of Asia Pacific Real Estate
Raquel McLean, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Benjamin Morton
Head of Global Infrastructure
John Muth
Macro Strategist
Jeffrey Palma
Head of Multi-Asset Solutions
Rogier Quirijns
Head of Europe Real Estate
Tyler Rosenlicht
Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure
Ben Ross
Head of Commodities
William Scapell, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Arun Sharma
Portfolio Manager, Thematic Strategies
Hamid Tabib
Head of Real Estate Acquisitions, North America
Jason A. Yablon
Head of Listed Real Estate
Elaine Zaharis-Nikas, CFA
Head of Fixed Income and Preferred Securities
Ji Zhang, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Global Real Estate

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