Vast experience with more than 35 years of alpha generation in listed U.S. real estate and 18 years in global real estate


A dedicated private real estate group with senior team members who have worked together for 12 years


Access to differentiated information such as proprietary private and pre-IPO deal flow



Significant secular shifts in real estate usage patterns

Changing housing needs, technological innovation and cost-of-living differences are driving the greatest shift in real estate utilization since the 1950s

Superior return vintages tend to follow cyclical bottoms

The best returns in real estate have historically been in vintages that follow economic recessions and corrections

Return of inflation

Real estate has historically delivered strong returns during inflationary periods, with cash flow growth typically keeping pace with or exceeding inflation

The Cohen & Steers Private Real Estate Group (PRE Group) was established as a strategic extension of the firm’s expertise in listed real estate, allowing us to enhance its range of real estate strategies as well as its ability to provide clients with bespoke investment solutions by accessing the $15 trillion private real estate market in the United States.

The PRE Group capitalizes on the deal sourcing and execution capabilities of the firm’s established private and listed real estate investment teams to seek attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Delivering value to our clients

Cohen & Steers has been at the forefront of real estate investing for more than 35 years. As one of the first investment advisors to focus on real estate securities, with a long-standing commitment to the asset class, our top priority is to deliver strong investment performance through our industry-leading real estate securities platform. Our dedication and drive for excellence have allowed us to build a foundation designed to provide sustainable outperformance relative to our peers.

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An experienced team

James Corl
James Corl

Head of Private Real Estate

34 years of experience

Tony (Anthony) Corriggio
Anthony Corriggio

Portfolio Manager, Private Real Estate

27 years of experience

Hamid Tabib

Head of Real Estate Acquisitions, North America

19 years of experience

Joshua Silverman
Joshua Silverman

Principal, Acquisitions

13 years of experience

Jon Rhoden
Jon Rhoden

Vice President, Private Real Estate

8 years of experience

+1 analysts and associates

Cohen & Steers’s philosophy is to seek superior risk-adjusted returns by farming both efficient markets, which rely heavily on niche strategies, and inefficient markets, which others view as too complex or burdensome. The investment strategy is based on three related tenets:

Exploitation of inefficiencies

Capitalizing on informational advantages to identify micromarket imbalances and secure investments on favorable terms.

Value-added executions

Creating capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, restructuring, development and intensive management.

Cautious contrarianism

During economic downturns or secular changes, investing in out-of-favor sectors or markets to exploit capital or product misalignments.

The PRE Group has deep experience in sourcing, underwriting and executing investment opportunities, leveraging a robust network of best-in-class regional and sector-specific operating partners. The group seeks to invest in thematic opportunities that may appear mispriced and thus may provide a desirable risk–reward ratio.

We expect to gain access to proprietary deal flow resulting from our industry-leading global real estate platform and deep relationships. This includes access to entity-level pre-IPO and PIPE deals in addition to direct private equity real estate transactions. Entity-level deal flow is viewed as a differentiator versus other private equity managers.


Our investment process

The PRE Group invests using a value-oriented approach that seeks to identify opportunities with high-quality fundamentals and potential for attractive long-term growth.

Uncover themes
We identify relevant demographic and economic trends and determine key real estate sectors and geographies that may be poised to benefit.

Determine value
We combine top-down and bottom-up research of sectors and idiosyncratic opportunities to establish expected valuation metrics for various sectors and geographies. We also determine investment sectors that appear mispriced or have the most desirable risk/reward paradigm.

Select and structure opportunity
We structure acquisitions to effectively access target real estate including asset-level and programmatic joint ventures, recapitalizations and portfolio or entity transactions. We capitalize acquisitions with appropriate and attractive debt financing.

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