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June 2022
Infrastructure: Superior returns in challenging conditions ►

High inflation and volatile markets are driving investors to listed infrastructure to potentially reduce risk but maintain attractive total return. Quynh Dang, Global Infrastructure Portfolio Manager, discusses the impact of rising rates and the Russo-Ukraine conflict on infrastructure, as well as Cohen & Steers’ approach to ESG integration and engagement.

June 2022
Built to last: Investing in listed infrastructure

Given high inflation and volatile markets, investors seeking to reduce risk while maintaining attractive total return potential are increasingly allocating to listed infrastructure, which has substantially outperformed the broad equity market year-to-date thanks to its unique characteristics.

March 2022
Video: Portfolio Adviser - Inflation is at the forefront of investor’s minds ►

While infrastructure has long appealed to investors seeking diversification and stable income, the asset class’s positive inflation characteristics are driving additional interest. Quynh Dang, Global Infrastructure Portfolio Manager, discusses how listed infrastructure stands to potentially benefit in 2022, where we see opportunities in the market, and Cohen & Steers’ unique investment approach.

December 2021
Towers and turbines: An infrastructure stimulus update ►

Portfolio Specialist Michelle Butler discusses why we believe electric utilities and renewable energy developers should benefit from clean energy initiatives, how cell tower demand could benefit from expanded broadband access and why this adds to an already strong investment case for listed infrastructure.

August 2021
Decarbonization opportunities within infrastructure ►

The energy transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable sources is not just making headlines. Investors are increasingly looking for ways to take advantage of something we see as a long-term trend. Analyst Chris DeNunzio shares key listed infrastructure subsectors that could benefit from decarbonization, the economic drivers behind the opportunities and the political catalysts supporting them.

Hedging inflation with infrastructure ►

The potential for high inflation to linger and how to protect investment portfolios in that environment is a common investor concern. Michelle Butler, Senior Portfolio Specialist, discusses how listed infrastructure has historically delivered inflation sensitivity when needed, the drivers behind that sensitivity and current sub-sector opportunities. 

April 2021
Stimulus proposal could add fuel to infrastructure tailwinds ►

Head of Global Infrastructure, Ben Morton shares why we see the proposed spending package and tax changes as a clear positive for listed infrastructure.  He highlights how the stimulus ties into key themes we’ve highlighted over the past year in decarbonization, data growth and the transport recovery.

November 2020
Factors Driving the Infrastructure Opportunity ►

Investing in infrastructure accesses the hard assets that underpin societies and economies globally.  Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Ben Morton talks about the secular drivers and key subsector themes the team sees and how we as active managers can dynamically allocate to take advantage of them.  

August 2019
Cell Towers and Data Centers in the 5G Economy ►

5G wireless network technology is generating a lot of buzz these days about what it might mean for consumer devices, for innovation and for economic growth. These applications are built on infrastructure. Without it, they can’t exist. We talked with senior research analysts Ji Zhang and Humberto Medina to understand the real estate and infrastructure opportunities behind 5G.

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