April 2017
The Case for Preferred Securities

Preferred securities are fixed-income investments, but with certain equity characteristics such as deeper subordination in the capital structure. Investors are compensated with notably high rates of income. Despite preferreds’ long stated lives, abundant fixed-to-floating-rate preferred instruments can significantly diminish interest-rate risk in diversified portfolios. 

April 2017
The Case for Preferred Securities in an Institutional Asset Allocation

Many preferred securities offer yields of 5–6% or more, largely from investment-grade issuers, yet the complex and often misunderstood asset class is typically underutilized by institutional investors. We discuss how preferreds may improve income profiles and risk-adjusted returns within diversified portfolios due to their unique and complementary characteristics.

March 2017
Managing Interest-Rate Risk in Preferred Securities

Improving global economic growth and the potential for new stimulus policies in the U.S. may push interest rates higher over time. We believe important keys to navigating the potential impact of higher rates on preferred securities include structure selection and the active management of credit risk. We discuss these and other elements of...

December 2016
Lowering Duration With Preferred Securities

With the Federal Reserve moving further away from 0% interest rates and bond yields on the rise, many investors are turning to low-duration fixed income to preserve capital, often at the expense of yield.

August 2016
Two Strategies From a Leading Manager of Preferred Securities

Cohen & Steers has been at the forefront of active investing in preferred securities for more than a decade. For investors seeking the benefits of preferreds, including the potential for high and tax-advantaged income, we offer two strategies: Preferred Securities and Low Duration Preferred Securities.


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