Experienced global investment team

Our investment team is one of the largest dedicated to listed infrastructure investing, with leadership that has overseen our infrastructure investing since 2004


Unique and rigorous investment process

Blends proprietary top-down, macro-level framework with rigorous bottom-up, company-level research

Cycle-tested record

One of the longest track records covering all types of market environment; strong historical outperformance


Private equity mindset

High conviction strategy focused on real returns; fundamental, catalyst-driven investment approach that targets core/core-plus pure-play infrastructure companies with attractive valuations

Differentiated performance profile

Historically strong total returns, reduced volatility and inflation hedging

Compelling investment opportunity

Private infrastructure investors are increasingly targeting listed assets and/or companies as they look to invest raised capital

The Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Opportunities Strategy is designed to provide access to supportive long-term infrastructure fundamentals, with more of a focus on pure play opportunities and companies with greater acquisition potential. We believe these companies could offer higher returns to compensate for potentially higher risk compared to broad global listed infrastructure. These companies also tend to be under-researched, which could create higher alpha generation potential. The strategy seeks to provide significant capital appreciation potential over the entire business cycle.

Our global listed infrastructure team’s experience positions us to better navigate market risks and identify superior investment opportunities. The team comprises 11 professionals (with an average 13 years of investment experience) whose sole or primary responsibility is to global listed infrastructure.


Archived – Essential assets: The case for listed infrastructure

Investors’ search for diversification and inflation protection has put a spotlight on infrastructure, made brighter by massive public investment programs and the accelerating transition to a digitized, decarbonized economy.

August 2023 | 1 min


Delivering value to our clients

Cohen & Steers has been investing in listed infrastructure since we launched our flagship Global Listed Infrastructure Strategy in 2004. Based on our commitment to global listed infrastructure and our drive for excellence, we have built a platform positioned to outperform our peers and deliver compelling returns for our clients.

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An experienced team

Benjamin Morton

Head of Global Infrastructure

26 years of experience

Tyler Rosenlicht

Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure

14 years of experience

Thuy Quynh
Thuy Quynh Dang

Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure

23 years of experience

Christopher DeNunzio

Portfolio Manager, Global Infrastructure

9 years of experience

+7 analysts and associates


Supporting our investment team and clients

Michelle Butler

Senior Portfolio Specialist

28 years of experience

Evan Serton

Senior Portfolio Specialist

23 years of experience

We believe inefficiencies create opportunities for active managers and we seek to take advantage of the following potential opportunities in the infrastructure market:

Capitalize on niche, pure-play prospects

with exposure to greater acquisition activity and industry consolidation trends, which have the potential for higher growth than their larger counterparts.

Exploit informational inefficiencies

caused by limited sell-side analyst coverage, which present active managers with alpha generation opportunities.

Identify potential targets of private infrastructure capital allocation (aka, dry powder) using our proprietary acquisition framework.

The philosophy that guides our global listed infrastructure strategies is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Global listed infrastructure markets are inherently inefficient (due to regulation, industry fundamental cycles, securitization of the asset class and a lack of dedicated specialist coverage), which provides opportunities for active investment managers to add value.
  • A strict definition of the investment universe is critically important to manage global listed infrastructure portfolios.
  • A disciplined investment process that combines top-down industry/sector research with bottom-up company specific analysis can deliver a sustainable advantage because of the range of infrastructure subsectors with varying business models and economic sensitivities.
  • Experience and local, on-the-ground research are critical to understanding local regulatory precedent, local languages and the prevailing political environment.
  • The delivery of superior risk-adjusted returns demands an embedded, comprehensive and multidimensional approach to risk management.

We seek to take advantage of the following inefficiencies in the global listed infrastructure markets:

  • The discounting mechanism of public markets whereby price movements typically occur ahead of changes in fundamentals
  • The variations in infrastructure subsector fundamentals resulting from changing macroeconomic conditions
  • The opaqueness, lack of history and limited investor experience


Our investment process

The strategy employs a total-return, relative-value approach to investing in infrastructure, designed to create a concentrated portfolio of typically smaller core infrastructure companies in the United States and globally.

Investment universe
We begin by identifying the core global infrastructure investment universe. Although the universe is global and well diversified on regional and sector bases, as an active manager, we may choose not to invest in a particular country, subsector or company.

Fundamental research
Analysts are responsible for conducting detailed bottom-up research, developing high-conviction views on fundamentals and valuations on the companies they cover. We continually reassess management’s capabilities to add value and deliver on its goals. In addition, we integrate ESG factors into our research and valuation models.

Subsector overlay
A proprietary macroeconomic overlay ranks the attractiveness of infrastructure subsectors based on our view of key macro factors and drives subsector allocations in our portfolio. We also use our Proprietary Acquisition Framework to identify companies that screen well under our private market valuation model.

Portfolio construction
After we have determined subsector positioning, outputs from security-level models quantify relative value within each subsector. As valuations change, we rotate capital among individual securities. Risk management, diversification, liquidity and other factors are also key considerations.

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Aggregate energy demand will continue to increase in the coming decades, which is creating attractive investment opportunities across both the alternative energy landscape and the traditional energy value chain.

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Investors’ search for diversification and inflation protection has put a spotlight on infrastructure, made brighter by massive public investment programs and the accelerating transition to a digitized, decarbonized economy.

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The prospect of enduring inflation, anemic global growth and heightened market volatility in 2023 and beyond amplify the importance of a dedicated listed infrastructure allocation.

Institutional Investor: Competition Is Fierce for Private Infrastructure Deals. Here’s An Alternative

February 2023 | 1 min

Portfolio Manager Tyler Rosenlicht spoke with Institutional Investor for a feature story on our recent infrastructure thought leadership and why listed infrastructure can be an attractive alternative or complement to private infrastructure in a portfolio.

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