Multi-Strategy Solutions

Multi-Strategy Solutions

As a global leader in listed real assets, Cohen & Steers is uniquely suited to delivering multi-strategy solutions for real assets.

We combine our deep expertise in core real asset categories with a strategic approach to asset allocation that leverages our firm’s broad research capabilities. This approach offers the opportunity to diversify asset exposure globally, while providing an integrated investment process to ensure that each multi-strategy portfolio is thoughtfully implemented from bottom up.

our firm's broad research capabilities

Macroeconomic research

Energy research

Quantitative research

Risk management

We take different approaches to constructing portfolios according to the objective:

Outcome-based solutions:

  • Inflation Protection/Real Return Income
  • Volatility Management
  • ESG/SRI Overlays
  • Liability-Driven Investing
  • Custom Strategies

Asset-based solutions:

  • Real Assets
  • Balanced Real Assets
  • Real Assets Income
  • Real Assets Debt
  • Real Estate Equity/Debt
  • Infrastructure Equity/Debt
  • Multi-Strategy Real Assets

Regardless of which approach is taken, investors can achieve:

  • Access to hard assets and alternative sources of income
  • Attractive long-term return potential
  • Liquidity
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Alpha opportunities in inefficient markets


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The heart of our multi-strategy platform is a large team of experienced professionals dedicated to real assets and alternative income. Each core real asset category is managed independently by specialist investment teams, while an asset allocation strategy group oversees and manages portfolio construction. These groups gain added insight from our macroeconomics and energy research teams, as well as quantitative research and risk.

The Multi-Strategy Investment Team



Investor need: A large public pension fund had several real estate portfolios, each holding various types of REIT securities. They wanted to consolidate their listed real estate exposure into a single allocation in order to simplify portfolio management and potentially enhance their risk-return profile.

Cohen & Steers’ solution: We determined that a multi-strategy solution could offer an effective approach to implementing the fund’s real estate investments. Our Asset Allocation Strategy Group used optimization analysis to determine suitable allocation ranges and targets for REIT equity, preferred securities and debt, while also overseeing ongoing tactical allocation decisions for the portfolio.

Client outcome: By integrating their REIT security portfolios into a diversified multi-strategy solution, the fund’s manager was able to

  • Spend their time more efficiently in support of their constituents
  • Gain opportunities for added alpha through Cohen & Steers’ dynamic, top-down asset allocation
  • Avoid unwanted overlap of securities across portfolios
  • Enhance risk-adjusted return expectations through strategic portfolio design
  • Institute a multi-asset approach that could be readily extended should they decide to broaden their mandate to other real assets