Retirement solutions

Retirement solutions

Cohen & Steers seeks to help plan participants better achieve their goals with diversifying solutions focused on real estate, real assets and other inflation-sensitive strategies.

Managers of defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) programs have long looked to real estate, infrastructure and other real assets for their potential to generate attractive returns and diversify risk. As these plans have evolved, plan sponsors have increasingly looked to provide participants access to asset classes used by professional investors to grow and preserve wealth. These diversifiers are typically characterized by low historical correlations with stocks and bonds and feature distinctive attributes that may enhance potential risk-adjusted return potential.

Listed real assets offer potential for

Diversification may reduce portfolio volatility

Improved risk-adjusted returns

investor relations

Inflation-hedging attributes

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Attractive sources of alternative income

The benefits of real assets in retirement plans
July 2023 | 25 mins
With the economic regime shift now underway potentially challenging for typical target-date fund allocations, many fiduciaries are exploring diversification options for retirement plans. Listed real assets may provide an attractive solution.
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Vince Childers, CFA

3 Ways to defend against inflation in defined contribution plans
May 2022 | 8 mins
Many DC plan professionals are reevaluating portfolio allocations amid mounting wage pressures, supply chain disruptions and commodity price shocks—conditions for which real assets are historically well suited.
REITs: Answering the call for DC plan diversification
March 2022 | 28 mins
For fiduciaries looking to enhance diversification in defined contribution plans, we believe REITs can be a simple and effective addition to investment lineups.
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Jon Cheigh

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Cohen & Steers also offers:

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  • Underlying sleeves within custom portfolios, including target-date funds

With the growth of listed real assets in global equity markets, plan participants are able to allocate to real assets through mutual funds that invest in publicly traded companies. These investments offer liquidity, scalability and daily pricing, making them ideally suited for DC platforms. We are also seeing more DB plans use listed real assets to complement their private investments, helping them to better manage their portfolios, capitalize on emerging opportunities and achieve broader geographic and sector diversification.

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